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5 Best Tips for Finding Dry Bays for Your Next Kayaking Adventure

When you are kayaking out on the water, you will need to keep a few things well and truly dry.

First thing that comes to mind are your car keys, especially if they are electronic.

What about your mobile phone ?

Dry bags are excellent for protecting all of your valuables, clothing, shoes or anything you don't want to get wet. (Sandwiches for lunch?)

Dry bags will also float if accidentally tipped into the water. I always lanyard mine to my kayak so they can't float away.

Starting from a 2 litre size all the way up to 40 litre and beyond. Some come with a separate waterproof phone case, included in the price. They are available in a myriad of colours.

There are a multitude of products available ranging from inexpensive to high quality priced items.

If you are in the market or require further information, simply click here.

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