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Darrell Higginbottom's day out

Created by Darryl Higginbottom and posted on Facebook site

Another quick early morning session. Nice calm conditions but very quiet. The odd trout rising but way out of range and the redfin not playing ball. Made lots of lure changes until I found one that got their attention.

It was a Blighty's white twin tail that I had modified. I added some black and green stripes as well as added red to the tail. I don't mind those quiet mornings as they give me an opportunity to play around with a range of different lures and techniques. Don't be afraid to modify your lures as that can be quite productive at times. In addition to adding colour I have

also modified the size and shape of soft plastics in order to replicate what the fish are feeding on when I haven't had the right one. I had just packed up and jumped in the driver's seat when a trout hit the surface ten feet from shore. I quickly jumped out and grabbed a rod and put a cast out just beyond it. It got hit almost immediately but it missed the hook. I stopped winding and let the lure drop. On recommencing the retrieve I was hooked up and after a spirited fight, landed trout number seven. It may not look like it but the fish is still in the water and after an easy hook removal,it swam away strongly.

I don't believe there is anything wrong in taking a trout or two for a feed and I will occasionally, but I prefer eating redfin. Personally I think it is good to remember that trout won't breed in the dam so we are reliant on stocking.

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