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Harvey Dam Beast from a fishing kayak

Trip Report - Harvey Dam by South West Kayak Anglers.

Inspired by Ben's recent trip, I headed to Harvey with expectations of tangling with some trout. I started the morning at sunrise, trolling minnows along most of the banks I had luck at before, but by 9 am I had nothing but small redfin landed in the yak. There was no surface action and little insect activity to write about so I switched tactics to redfin mode.

Finding some large schools on the sounder, I concentrated my efforts on the weed banks, throwing a 3 inch paddletail around as I drifted with the wind. I picked up 30 or so, ranging from 15 CM tackers to this 43 cm beast . Pic attached shows the size comparison to the average Reddy landed. It's been a while between drinks for a big Reddy, when it popped up I swore it must be a new. Pb and pushing 50! It was a nice way to christen the new budget BFS combo I was trying out.

All in all a good trip but was spewing I couldn't hook a trout. Met a good bloke down there and while chatting to him in his boat he landed a 30 cm rainbow caught on a bottom rig in 6-7 m so they seemed to be hanging deep while I was there.

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