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No Luck by Rick Levy

Created by Rick Levy and posted on Facebook site

Trip Report. Hamelin Bay WA On the water around 7.00am. Peddled out to 4.5 metres and drifted for squid with light off shore breeze. Could not find any squid. Peddled to the close sand banks in search of whiting, no sign of whiting just a few wrasse and parrot fish. Peddled out to the deep sand banks hoping for some king George whiting. Could not find any got busted off twice on 10 kg braid with a 10 kg fluro carbon leader. Never saw the culprits they just grabbed the hook and with a violent head shakes they raced straight into cover and that was the end it. Back on shore by 9.00 am just as the Bay filled up boats and jet ski's.

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