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Sparks were flying

Written by Ben Kelly - Facebook South West Kayak Anglers

(Private group)

Report - Busselton 04/11/2023

I launched at the Geographe Bay Yacht Club at 7.00 am and headed out to the 6 metres depth.

The NE winds created the perfect drift and I met up with Paul around 8.00 am who had launched at West Busselton WA.

We could hear thunder further offshore and there was a dark cloud close by when we both got static shocks from out rods/reels (multiple times) and the rods started humming.

I have had fishing rods hum once before but never had static shocks.

Maybe 5 minutes later I thought I'd check, touched my reel and got the biggest zap yet that I heard and saw the little blue spark ha ha.

5 minutes later with no more thunder we could pick up the rods without getting zapped but as soon as you raised them they would start humming which I caught on the go-pro - crank the sound and you can hear it.

Eventually we left the twilight zone and things went back to normal... except it was VERY quiet and the squid were completely shut down. Trying different jigs I finally got one on a blue mulie pattern Yamashita.

The wind picked up, the sun made an appearance and I found a patch in 3 metres and ended up catching 6 all on the same blue jig. I think Paul ended up with 7 so it was a good morning but we had to work for them.

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