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Tie it down mate

How do you get your kayak down to the water? Well, there are several ways.

Molly Swaine of South Australia has it down pat.

She uses two straps and foam pads to tie down her Kayaks2Fish Osprey onto the roof of her Mazda 2.

At just under $500, (as at 16/11/2023) the Osprey weighs in at 19 kilograms and is only 2700 mm long, so it's nice and easy to lift up onto the roof.

This is a high quality, very versatile kayak, well suited for fishing as well as recreational. It can carry up to 110 kilograms of body and has a overall weight capacity of 150 kilograms. That's a 40 kilogram payload!

Something to note when tying down your kayak. Don't use ratchet straps as they tend to put far too much pressure on the kayak hull and could cause damage. Best to use pull straps and apply hand pressure only. If you can also get a strap on the front or the rear, even better, especially for those long hauls.

If you require further info or wish to purchase the Osprey, click here.

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